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Smart Campus work wins best presentation at ACM MobiSys PhD Forum


A PhD student at Lancaster University won a $1,000 prize for best presentation at the recent ACM MobiSys doctoral consortium. The work is part of the PETRAS Displays and Sensors on Smart Campuses initiative with a particular focus on ways in which analytics data on user interactions with Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be collected without compromising user privacy.The approach provides a human-centric and privacy preserving approach in which simulation technology is used to generate synthetic mobility traces and these are combined with real datasets such as energy sensor readings and display content.

ACM MobilSys Competition Winner

The outcome of such reports are analytics reports focusing on the experience of people with IoT sensors, for example, the energy footprint of an individual across multiple locations and buildings. While developed in a campus context this has direct relevance to many areas of user interaction with IoT devices.

The poster – Understanding Mobile User Interactions with the IoT – can be downloaded here.