TAIMAS – Protecting your Infrastructure


The CyberASAP programme funded by DCMS, provides a route for taking academic cybersecurity projects from research to early-stage commercialisation. Last year and this, an additional SDTaP funding stream has been added to CyberASAP, specifically to give PETRAS project outputs the opportunity for development towards wider-scale exploitation. TAIMAS is a project awarded under the 2021 Cohort 5. The project is a collaboration between UCL and Cube Controls Ltd.

TAIMAS is a single box solution to detect cyber-attacks and physical tampering against building management systems and industrial control systems. It is aimed at clients dissatisfied with high-cost enterprise-derived security approaches that mainly do network traffic monitoring and network attack detection. TAIMAS offers a new method independent of network traffic. Air-gapped monitoring of control system hardware utilising machine learning and both hardwired & cloud based threat notification.

Our target market is the currently poorly protected population of legacy and newly installed building management systems in critical national infrastructure services, government, retail and hospitality. Users and operators of buildings in these sectors have immediate concerns about the adequacy of current cyber-protection measures available for their building management systems. TAIMAS will provide a cost-effective solution with a low impact, installation independent approach that ensures clients get early warning of any suspicious activity including Zero-day attacks. TAIMAS will include a range of additional optional functionalities including predictive maintenance.

Project Partner: Tony Williams, CEO of Cube Controls Ltd.

For more information on TAIMAS and a project video on the KTN website, please click here.