DigiPort: From Logistics 4.0 to Digital Ports: A study in transformability using DLTs



The DigiPorts project takes the work and know-how from the PETRAS project Logistics 4.0 and investigates its implications on the efficiency and security of ports. The aim is to allow the work of PETRAS to inform a country-wide solution to smart ports directly.  


There is an increasing insatiable demand for goods flowing through ports making them highly important for the finances of countries. In light of BREXIT and Covid, there is an increased interest in investing in new technologies to make ports much more efficient.   


A consortium of industrialists has been convened to carry out an initial study to scope what is required, and their solution is to build a Logistics Digital Twin incorporating Distributed Ledger and Tag Technologies. Feeding this Twin is data scanned from goods that have IoT tags and these need to do so in a safe, secure and timely manner. The PETRAS Logistics 4.0 project has been studying how to keep tags secure to enable the safe movement of Art between stores and beyond. This DigiPorts project’s aim is to map some of the knowhow and protocols from Logistics 4.0 and further investigate timeliness and security implications therein.