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The latest news, including research updates and insights from world-leading experts on IoT topics impacting industry, the general public and the global governance of the Internet of Things.

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Creative Workshop: What on Earth is the Internet?

How do you define the ‘Internet’? How does it work? What does it look like? Are those who use it every day able to describe it?

PETRAS Securing the Future: Knowledge Exchange and Networking Event

Join leading experts looking to tackle the most pressing cybersecurity challenges of IoT systems and networks.

AI & Journalism Briefing

The PETRAS' briefing 'AI and Journalism' gives an overview of artificial intelligence (AI) in journalism and focuses on how AI technologies can be applied in the news production process. By listing both the benefits and key challenges of such AI applications, the report gives a good understanding of the impact AI-driven systems can have on journalism.

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