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The latest news, including research updates and insights from world-leading experts on IoT topics impacting industry, the general public and the global governance of the Internet of Things.

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Althea Rao, Moon Tapestry 

Moon Tapestry is a 28-day calendar that one can use to produce and document their daily Basal Body Temperature. Input of one's body temperature will activate the heating elements embedded inside the tapestry, causing thermochromic patterns of moon phases to slowly emerge or disappear. Across the length of the tapestry, a temperature curve of daily moon will form. An individual knowledgeable of the symptothermal birth control method may observe from this curve important bodily events such as ovulation, menstruation, and fertility period. The tapestry is entirely offline and can remember 28 days’ of value at most.  

Reg-Med Tech Report: Emerging Digital Technologies in Patient Care

The REG-MEDTECH project published a report on 9 June 2023 entitled "Emerging Digital Technologies in Patient Care: Dealing with connected, intelligent medical device vulnerabilities and failures in the healthcare sector". The report summarises findings from the workshop entitled Emerging Digital Technologies in Patient Care: Dealing with Connected, Intelligent Medical Device Vulnerabilities and Failures in the Healthcare Sector, held on 23 February 2023 at Goodenough College, London. The workshop was organised by members of the Reg-MedTech project1, funded by the PETRAS National Centre of Excellence in IoT Systems Cybersecurity (EPSRC grant number EP/S035362/1), in collaboration with project partners at the BSI, the UK’s National Standards Body.

Can AI Help Make Scams a Thing of the Past?

Phone fraud remains one of the most common and yet insidious crimes in the UK, with an estimated 4m incidents registered annually by the National Crime Agency. This form of fraud causes an annual loss exceeding £200bn in the UK annually. How can scams remain this pervasive when it's clearly taking such a toll on both individuals and organisations?

Artistic Exhibition by the PETRAS CyFer Project

The PETRAS CyFer project is delighted to host an extraordinary exhibition from 19 June to 10 September 2023, that will present artworks and designs that respond to scientific research on the privacy, security, and ethics of female-oriented technology at The Exhibition Space, Royal Holloway, University London.

Future Challenges of IoT Cybersecurity in Financial Services

On Wednesday 29th March 2023, the PETRAS Centre Team and FIRE project were delighted to host an industry-specific workshop titled “Future Challenges of IoT/Cybersecurity in Financial Services and the Role of Academic/Industrial Research” at the School of Management, UCL, Canary Wharf, London.

Aesthetics of Cybersecurity

PETRAS is delighted to host an exciting discussion on the intersection of sociology, engineering and cybersecurity with Dr. Paul Kennedy from Qinetiq. In his talk, Paul will delve into his own research on the internalized criteria engineers use to make judgements and how these criteria are socially constructed and validated in the engineering environment. Drawing from Pierre Bourdieu's work on the development of "taste," Paul will explore how cyber professionals make aesthetic judgements and the implications of these judgements on the field of cybersecurity.

Electric Feels

Energy is often invisible to us, and so are the slowly creeping changes to the infrastructure which delivers, manages and maintains our supply of it.

At The Edge Podcast Series

PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity is excited to release the second series of its ‘At the Edge’ podcast. This new series will focus on IoT and edge computing in the places we live, work and play. Each episode comprises of a lively and engaging conversation between experts from across academia, industry and government. Discussions range from the future of how we will get about in cities; whether people trust automation in the places they live; who is behind our smart cities and what is key for success in these collaborations; and, what role is IoT playing in making our places happier and healthier.

Machine Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems: Deployment Guidelines for Industry

The PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT System Cybersecurity presents a Guideline for Industry: Machine Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems by the ELLIOTT project.

PETRAS at MozFest 2023

In this extended workshop you will meet researchers and artists in an interactive experience of creative responses to research challenges on the privacy, ethics, trust and security of female oriented technology.