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Artistic Exhibition by the PETRAS CyFer Project: Meet the Artists and Designers


PETRAS is excited to present the artists and designers who will participate in the CyFer project‘s extraordinary artistic exhibition from 19 June to 10 September 2023. The artworks and designs presented will respond to scientific research on the privacy, security, and ethics of female-oriented technology at The Exhibition Space, Royal Holloway, University London. Artists and designers from around the world have contributed sculptures, textiles, digital art, and interactive experiences that encourage visitors to reflect on the security and privacy of their personal medical information, as well as their expectations regarding menstruation and fertility data. The CyFer exhibition core team who worked closely with the artists and designers in the last year includes Dr Maryam Mehrnezhad (CyFer PI, Royal Holloway University of London, UK), Joe Bourne (PETRAS Synthesis Fellow, Lancaster University, UK), Dr Teresa Almeida (Academic Partner, Umea University, Sweden, and ITI/LARSyS, Portugal), and Dr Ehsan Toreini (Co-I, University of Surrey, UK). Please visit here for more information about the CyFer project.


Althea Rao

Moon Tapestry

Meet Moon Tapestry – possibly the world’s most idiosyncratic and inefficient menstrual cycle tracker NOT powered by Artificial Intelligence. Its small-but-mighty memory will proudly remember only 28-days of your Basal Body Temperature, which you will measure and input every day*. Emerges across the entire length of the tapestry is a subtle, ambiguous temperature curve consists of obscure, thermally activated moon phases, which you will observe and reference** to remind yourself of important bodily events such as menstruation and ovulation***. 

*Thermometer not included. 

**Knowledge of symptothermal birth control method is required. By using Moon Tapestry, you confirm you are knowledgeable of this method or agree to learn more about it.

***As human bodies are not computers, accuracy of Moon Tapestry is not guaranteed




Elena Falamo

The Menstrual Data Co-op

The Menstrual Data Coop is a (for now) fictional data cooperative: a group of individuals who jointly own their menstrual and fertility data and through equitable processes control its share and use. As a Menstrual Data Coop, besides providing a community-based data stewardship model, we provide useful guides and tools to help you ensure your menstrual and fertility data are safe and that your privacy is being protected. 




Nadia Campo Woytuk & Nicolas Harrand

User 59899

User 59899 is an exploration of what it means to make different layers of intimate data physical, all of which has been collected by Menstruation and Fertility Tracking Apps. From the data we know we are sharing, to more obscure data. Nadia Campo Woytuk & Nicolas Harrand have used Nadia’s own data to create three striking wall hangings which explore the permanence of this disembodied data and the power individuals have over its creation and destruction. The artworks represent Nadia’s (User 59899’s) menstrual cycle data from the past three years.  



Sian Fan

Secret Keeper

Retro-futuristic-pseudo-spiritual video sculptures inspired by anime, 90s electronics and optimistic futures, which explore the tension between the vulnerability of scientifically defined trust and the resolution of spiritual belief. 


Vasiliki Tsaknaki and Lara Reime

The Quipu Kit

The Quipu kit invites participants to engage with their experiences of privacy and trust in relation to menstruation and fertility tracking applications through the tangible and material processes of knotting data.