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Keynote speech on IoT and PETRAS at Oxford’s ICTF Conference 2016


Prof. David de Roure of Oxford gave the opening keynote on the Internet of Things (IoT) and PETRAS at this year’s Oxford Information and Communications Technology Forum (ICTF) Conference (website), which is the annual conference of Oxford’s IT Staff, to an audience of 450 on June 24th 2016. The talk emphasized the importance of IoT within large organisations, also highlighted aspects of support and risk management, and introduced the Hub to the event participants.

Keynote speech abstract:

“The Internet of Things is here, with companies anticipating that they will sell millions of devices into our homes, companies, cars and bodies. On the one hand, adoption of new devices promises to enhance our lives. On the other, we know that increasing the scale and complexity of IT systems isn’t going to make failure and vulnerability and less likely, or make support any easier. This somewhat dystopian talk will highlight some of the concerns, especially around the problems of cascading risks in systems which are so intimately coupled digitally, physically and socially, in the face of increasing automation. It will also introduce the recently launched IoT research hub called Petras – Privacy, Ethics, Trust, Reliability, Acceptability, and Security for the Internet of Things.”