IoT of Trees (IoToT)


Abstract: The project will provide a two-site public facing demonstrator, building on research developed at CASA during the PETRAS Smart Park project. The planned work aligns research interests with both the London Legacy Development Corporation and the City of London Corporation to deploy IoT technology in both the Queen Elizabeth Park (QEOP) and across Hampstead Health. The Heath has a network of Heritage Trees, and is aiming to communicate the nature of these to the public at large. QEOP have a similar desire, linking in data around the environment, a locations history and the species of tree via IoT technology (The Internet of Trees).

In addition, the proposal links to the wider Smart London Board (via UCL and LLDC representation) allowing IoT deployment in two notably high profile public spaces. Both locations in addition link to school groups and community workshops, allowing issues of security and trust of devices to be explored while also providing core data collection and data display deployments.