Resilient Built Environments (ResBE)


The ResBE project will explore how to add layers of resilience to home and office environments in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) by reusing and repurposing existing resilient sensing techniques. The project aims to inform further research and will shape the innovation activities and agendas of project user partners Cube Control and BRE.

Smart built environments, such as smart homes and smart office buildings, heavily depend on IoT systems to sense and monitor their surroundings reliably. These environments can become targets of malicious actors creating significant risks that could be catastrophic and even fatal.

The ResBE project will second Dr Charith Perera into Cube Control and Building Research Establishment (BRE), enabling the research to explore resilience from a holistic viewpoint of smart office and smart home environments. The project aims to run a series of exploratory experiments and will extract specific research challenges in both built environments before developing a research program to address them. The project is built around the GCHQ National Resilience fellowship awarded to Dr. Charith Perera and will also be reusing the resources funded by EPSRC capital equipment award.