Geopolitics of IIoT Standards (GISt)


GISt provides an analysis of the political dynamics of the complex ecosystem of IoT security standards. The project investigates how political interest is embedded in the security standards by which the IoT is implemented.

GISt focuses on the industrial IoT (IIoT). Industrial IoT is an area where ambitions of increased productivity and efficiency can outweigh security concerns. This makes it particularly susceptible to the vulnerabilities that emerge in the IoT generally.

IoT governance is enacted (in part) through standards. The governance and security of the IoT has implications for international security, national interest and state power. This project will focus on three or four main standards setting bodies. GISt uses desk research, observational analysis and interviews to understand how different states are engaging with standards negotiations. In particular, there is a focus on the status of states taking leadership roles and forming alliances which is critical to understand how technology and geopolitics will intersect in the future. This is essential for the UK going forward, and the research team works closely with the UK standards negotiation teams.