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Prof. Stephen Hailes

Co-I Early Anomaly Detection for Securing IoT in Industrial Automation (ELLIOTT); Co-I Geopolitics of IIoT Standards (GISt)

Professor Stephen Hailes is a Professor of Wireless Systems and Head of Department in Computer Science at UCL. Stephen’s research interests have three main directions: trust and security, in which he was one of the founders of the field of computational trust; networking, in which he has contributed to the development of the next generation Internet and to the security of networked industrial control systems; and mobile, robotic and sensor systems. Prof. Hailes has attracted considerable funding, and has built a set of interdisciplinary relationships in seeking to address challenging problems in the real world. He has contributed to over 300 scientific papers, published in journals and conferences in AI, Machine Learning, Robotics and Automation, Behavioural Ecology and Sociology, Information Security and Computer Networking.  

Areas of Interest: IoT, Security of Cyber-Physical systems, AI and Machine Learning for security