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Dr Nick Taylor

Co-I The Reappearing Computer: Foregrounding Privacy in IoT (REAPPEAR)

Dr Nick Taylor is Senior Lecturer specialising in Human–Computer Interaction (HCI) and interaction design at Newcastle University. His research sits at the intersection of design, technology and society, where he attempts to understand the impact of emerging technologies and practices, and imagine, prototype and explore possible preferable futures around those technologies. His recent work has focused on designing a trusted Internet of Things by embedding values including privacy, openness, decentralisation, inclusion and literacy. The centrepiece of this work is OpenDoTT, an EU-funded PhD programme run jointly by Northumbria University and Mozilla. His work typically utilises participatory methods combing a range of approaches from speculative design to long-term deployments of functioning prototypes ‘in the wild’.

Areas of Interest: Trusted IoT, co-design, speculative design

Affiliations: Newcastle University

Twitter: @nicktaylor3