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The latest news, including research updates and insights from world-leading experts on IoT topics impacting industry, the general public and the global governance of the Internet of Things.

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PETRAS academics explore mainstreaming IoT theme at IoT India Congress

PETRAS academics attended the 2019 IoT India Congress, held on the 22-23 August in Bangalore, the fourth in a major event series organised by IET India. Themed on mainstreaming the Internet of Things, the congress saw over 1000 participants attend a packed two-day event and was a tremendous demonstration of the vibrant tech culture in IoT in India. Professor David De …

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Are you aware of your legal right to data portability?

In the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) environment, it is not only important to have access to one’s data but also the ability to transfer it across different devices and platforms.

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Spotlight On: Dr Larissa Pschetz

In this monthly feature, we provide some insight into the PETRAS community who make up our diverse research Centre.

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