New Book Exploring AI’s Role in Cybersecurity

PETRAS Features 'Beyond the Algorithm' by Dr. Petar Radanliev and Omar Santos


The PETRAS National Centre for IoT Excellence is excited to share insights from the recently published book, ‘Beyond the Algorithm: AI, Security, Privacy, and Ethics‘, a collaboration between Dr. Petar Radanliev (University of Oxford) and cybersecurity specialist Omar Santos. Published by Pearson, this book delves into the increasingly relevant subjects of artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, privacy, and ethical considerations in today’s digital landscape.

The authors’ blend of academic knowledge and real-world cybersecurity experience present a thorough examination of AI within the spheres of cybersecurity, privacy, and ethics. The timing of this publication is particularly pertinent as AI technologies, including advanced systems like ChatGPT, are becoming integral to various aspects of cybersecurity. These developments are accompanied by complex ethical and privacy challenges.

The book aims to equip readers with critical insights into AI’s impact on security and ethics and tools to mitigate the emerging security challenges in AI, ensuring its responsible and safe progression.

The book touches on:

  • An overview of the history and development of AI, from the earliest pioneers in machine learning to current applications and how it might shape the future
  • Introduction to AI models and implementations, as well as examples of emerging AI trends
  • Examination of vulnerabilities, including insight into potential real-world threats, and best practices for ensuring a safe AI deployment
  • Discussion of how to balance accountability, privacy, and ethics with regulatory and legislative concerns with advancing AI technology
  • A critical perspective on regulatory obligations, and repercussions, of AI with copyright protection, patent rights, and other intellectual property dilemmas
  • An academic resource and guide for the evolving technical and intellectual challenges of AI
  • Leading figures in the field bring to life the ethical issues associated with AI through in-depth analysis and case studies in this comprehensive examination.

‘Beyond the Algorithm’ is a crucial addition to discussions on the responsible development and use of AI in cybersecurity. It serves as an invaluable resource for students, academics, policymakers, and industry professionals keen to understand the intricate relationship between AI, security, and ethics.

For more details on the book or for collaboration inquiries, interested parties can reach out to the corresponding author, Dr Petar Radanliev, at petar.radanliev [at]