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The latest news, including research updates and insights from world-leading experts on IoT topics impacting industry, the general public and the global governance of the Internet of Things.

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PETRAS Year in Review 2023

PETRAS is excited to present a year in review summary of the Centre’s highlights in 2023. The PETRAS team has had a busy year with a wide range of events, new research projects, high quality research publications and research outputs from the Centre’s researchers and partners from across the UK.

Analysis of State-of-the-Art, Application, and Maturity in Critical Industrial Infrastructure Environments/Domains

The PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT System Cybersecurity presents a Technical Report by the MASS project titled Analysis of State-of-the-Art, Application, and Maturity in Critical Industrial Infrastructure Environments/Domains, written by Dr Uchenna D Ani Prof. Jeremy Watson CBE, Dr Nilufer Tuptuk, Prof. Steve Hailes, and Dr Aslam Jawar.

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DEF CON 31: Where IoT Cybersecurity Meets the Zero-Day Frontier

LONDON – This year's DEF CON in the heart of Las Vegas was less of a conference and more of a symposium of elite digital craftsmanship, where the riddles of zeroes and ones were dissected and where code vulnerabilities were scrutinised under the critical eyes of global hacking maestros.

New PETRAS Research Highlights Need for Inclusivity in the Metaverse for Users with Disabilities and Content Creators

In a recent collaborative research initiative, a group of leading experts from the University of Oxford and University College London delved into the accessibility and inclusivity of the evolving concept of the Metaverse for users with disabilities and content creators. This pioneering research has been made possible through the support of the PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity.

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World’s First Quantum-Secure Cross-border Electronic Trade Document Transaction

The DigiPorts project and work by Professor Julie McCann and Dr Mike Breza has contributed to delivering the world’s first cross-border quantum-secure digital trade transaction.

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