PETRAS Securing the Future Event


Date: Wednesday, 23 June, 2021
Time: 11:00 – 16:30 (London GMT + 1)


Join the PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity for three interactive panel sessions and a research showcase highlighting the latest findings from the SDTaP programme, where you will hear from experts tackling issues of cybersecurity, privacy, ethics and trust at the edge of the internet.

Society is increasingly relying on devices at the edge of the Internet, together with Artificial Intelligence, to enhance our lifestyles, our goods and services – from voice-controlled smart door locks for the home, to fully automated manufacturing and logistics systems. These complex, large scale, highly automated systems bring both benefits and risks.

Join our interactive panel sessions for an opportunity to hear from leading experts on topics such as building public trust in the use of data in IoT ecosystems, privacy and consent of sensors in the workplace and on ensuring consumer IoT devices are safe, secure, and private. The programme includes a lunchtime research showcase on cutting edge research from across UKRI’s SDTaP programme.



PETRAS Introduction 

Panel 1: Building public trust in use of data in IoT ecosystems
Why is it important to build public trust in IoT ecosystems? Does AI  technology help or hinder public trust in IoT systems? How can we  mitigate AI biases that may erode user trust in certain demographics?

Irina Brass, UCL

Max Van Kleek, Oxford University
Maryam Mehrnezhad, Newcastle University

Research showcase: Live and video presentations from SDTaP projects 

Panel 2: Privacy and consent of sensors in the workplace and home
Can sensors in the workplace be private?  Can consent be given freely in the  workplace due to power imbalances? How do we implement indoor environment  monitoring, for efficiency and health purposes, in a private (and legal) way?

Carsten Maple, University of Warwick

Rima Alaaeddine, University of Newcastle
Peter Novitzky, UCL

Panel 3: Ensuring consumer IoT devices are safe, secure, and private       

It’s well known that many devices lack basic security measures, but which  interventions will be most effective in remedying this? Does AI improve security  or just introduce a new vulnerability?

Julie McCann, Imperial College London

Leonie Maria Tanczer, UCL
Michael Stead, Lancaster University
Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, Imperial College London

Closing remarks 


An informal networking opportunity to meet with leading experts in academia, industry and government.

We asked you what you wanted to talk about and came up with the following topics and themes based on your feedback.

  • Edge Technologies | Current Socio-technical Affairs — anything IoT hardware-related in the broadest sense, new solutions, trends for the future
  • IoT Communications | Safety, Security, Encryption, Resilience — focusing more on the transport layer of IoT, including 5G, cloud, security, encryption, etc.
  • IoT and Societal Challenges | Ethics, Legal and Societal Challenges — anything human+computer interaction-related, incl. consumer protection, regulatory affairs, policy
  • IoT and Emerging Trends | AI, Quantum Computing — specific topic on future research topics of IoT + AI and Quantum Computing
  • Research Collaborations | Academic and Industry — Wide plenary discussion, group and person-to-person discussions about potential research endeavours

Please keep an eye on this page for further updates and please be aware that the programme may be subject to last minute changes.