PETRAS in the media: IoT and Climate Change


In February, Raconteur published a special report focussing on The Internet of Things (IoT). This article explored the ways in which IoT could help reduce C02 emissions and target some of the pressing issues associated with global warming in an industrial setting.

Dr Nilufer Tuptuk, Postdoctoral Research Associate for Early Anomaly Detection for Securing IoT in Industrial Automation (ELLIOTT) from UCL, is quoted in the Raconteur Special Report ‘IoT for Business’ discussing how Industrial IoT could help reduce the harmful impact of greenhouse gases produced by livestock.

“There’s potential for reduced methane from ruminants through livestock health monitoring, for example monitoring dietary health and temperature of animals to identify and treat animals, which helps to reduce greenhouse emissions,” explains Dr Nilufer Tuptuk of the Department of Computer Science, University College London.

Read the report at Raconteur and view the entire edition here or in hardcopy in The Times and The Sunday Times (published February 18, 2020)

Full report here: Image in excerpt from kamilpetran/Shutterstock.