PETRAS contributes to ICO’s Tech Horizons Report


PETRAS academics contributed to the ICO’s Tech Horizons Report on 14 December 2022. The report explores the implications of some of the most significant technological developments for privacy in the next two to five years. To do that, it focuses on the following four technologies: consumer healthtech; next-generation Internet of Things (IoT); immersive technology; and decentralised finance. A fifth area, neurotechnology, will be the focus of a deep dive report will be published by the ICO in spring 2023.

The ICO’s Emerging Technology Team stated: “The work and insight PETRAS provided to the ICO’s foresight research into the intersection of emerging technologies with data protection and privacy has been enormously helpful. It has allowed us to build and develop our regulatory approaches towards critical technologies such as next generation IoT and the input provided will continue to support our work as we develop formal guidance for those seeking to use these technologies.”

ICO is the UK’s independent data protection regulator and spans the whole of the economy. ICO regulates organisations from finance, commerce and communications, to employment, education and the public sector.

Read the report here.