PETRAS Community Development: Internet of Things, Digital Twins, and Physical Digital Twins Session by Andy Stanford-Clark


PETRAS Community Development Event: Internet of Things, Digital Twins, and Physical Digital Twins session by Andy Stanford-Clark

Date: Monday 14th February 2022

Time: 13.30-14.30

The PETRAS Community Development events have been created as a means to offer the wider PETRAS community the opportunity to meet up, network and discover new things. We offer the wider community the opportunity to present their own work, discuss topics of interest or to listen to and join relevant discussions from those both inside and out the PETRAS Network.

Events can focus on particular themes, topics or industries drawn from PETRAS overall goals and lenses.  If you would like to discuss a particular session or you would like to develop a session of your own, please contact Claire Coulton (c.coulton@ucl.ac.uk)

The next Community Development event will host Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Master Inventor, IBM Quantum Ambassador.

Andy will be talking about Digital Twins and will discuss a working definition and examples of their use and explain how the IoT provides the life blood for these in silico models. He will then go on to talk about what he terms Physical Digital Twins and argue that they are far more useful and consumable by humans. He will be illustrating his talk with examples from his various “Maker” projects. Please join us for the talk followed by a Q&A session hosted by Prof Julie McCann (Imperial College).