Little Books of the The Internet of Things


The PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity’s ‘Little Book’ series aims to communicate sometimes complex and abstract ideas relating to the Internet of Things (IoT) in an accessible and easy to digest format.

Are you interested in understanding how IoT devices in your home have potential design flaws? Or how the future of IoT will shape our lives?  Perhaps you’d like to learn about sustainability of the Internet of Things?

The Little Book series is produced by the PETRAS academic community whose expertise cover a broad range of disciplines reflecting the Centre’s transdisciplinary nature.

The full Little Book series is available to download for free from the list below.

The Little Book of Public Space and the Internet of Things [PDF]
Deschamps-Sonsino, A, Hudson-Smith, A, and Wilson, D (2020). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-391-4

Our public spaces are changing, they are at the forefront of a technological revolution yet this is a revolution that often remains hidden from sight. Sensors are being installed and the ability to interact with objects in our spaces – from projects such as the PETRAS Talking Trees through to conversations with Lamp Posts or data interactions with local wildlife is changing our interactions both in and with these places and spaces.

This Little Book explores safety and security and moves onto maintenance. We then look at some of the issues affecting people and explore health, community building and culture while exploring the use of public space for play. After this, we explore conservation and culture, transport and signage, accessibility and then, finally, we discuss future trends.

The Little Book of the Internet of Things for the Home [PDF]
Gradinar, A, Van Kleek, M, Pschetz, L, Coulton, P and Lindley, J.(2019). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-370-9

This Little Book discusses ‘smart’ products and services that are being designed for our homes, which are part of the emerging IoT, and highlight potential flaws in the design practices that have produced them.

The Little Book of Design Fiction for the Internet of Things [PDF]
Coulton, P, J Lindley, Cooper, R.(2018). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-346-4

This Little Book is about designing the future in a world of the Internet of Things. The book explains why it’s important to understand how the IoT will shape our lives in the future and how we can use Design Fiction to explore these futures.

The Little Book of Sustainability for the Internet of Things [PDF]
Stead M, Coulton P, Lindley J.(2019). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-360-0

IoT devices are still being designed, manufactured and disposed of in the same manner that most other ‘non-connected’ consumer products have been for decades – unsustainably. Little of the discourse around the IoT recognises or responds to this growing issue.

The Little Book of Philosophy for the Internet of Things [PDF]
Lindley J, Coulton P, Akmal H, Hay D, Van Kleek K, Cannizzaro S, Binns R.(2019). ISBN 978-1-86220-356-3

PETRAS researchers have drawn on different philosophical theories to help them understand some of the difficult relationships between the digital, physical and connectivity qualities of the IoT. This book considers these relationships in terms of how they impact privacy, ethics, trust, risk, security, and adoption.

Little Book of Critical Infrastructure and the Internet of Things [PDF]
Lesniewska. F, McCann J.(2019). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-359-4

This Little Book reveals how new information and communication technologies (ICT), such as sensors, data analytics, artificial intelligence and cloud computers, incorporated into critical infrastructures that society depends on for services like health, energy, transport and  agriculture, can bring about huge benefits. However, incorporating these new ICTs into critical infrastructure can also result in new risks, some yet unknown, which may threaten the security of society, the environment and human well-being.

The Little Book of Connected Environments and the Internet of Things [PDF]
Hudson-Smith, A, Wilson D, Hay D, Gray S.(2019). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-358-7

This Little Book is about opening up the potential of IoT devices to provide information about our environment. From city-wide systems and the idea of the Smart City through to building-level management systems and the connected home, data is being connected.

The Little Book of Creating Value through Design in the IoT [PDF]
Speed, C, Lee, B,  and Hands, D.(2019). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-357-0

This Little Book is about creating value in the IoT within the digital economy. The authors explain why it is important to understand how the IoT will transform value creation and how we can use design to mediate value.