Design Fiction and Speculative Design for Research and Public Engagement led by Dr. Naomi Jacobs

PETRAS Community Development Event


Date: Monday 10 October 2022

Time: 14:00-15:00

Social Methods for PETRAS Researchers – Design Fiction and Speculative Design

This presentation will introduce speculative design and design fiction as methods and discuss how they might be of particular interest to PETRAS researchers. It will describe how such approaches can be used both to consider possible futures and to interrogate these potential futures in order to support the design and development of technologies and systems in the present. Two previous Internet of Things related design fiction projects will be described as examples of how design fiction can help explore ethical questions of IoT in different contexts.

The presentation will be led by Dr Naomi Jacobs (PETRAS P-PITEE Project). Naomi is Lecturer in Design Policy and Futures Thinking at ImaginationLancaster, Lancaster University. As an interdisciplinary academic, her work crosses various disciplines including design, computer science, social science, and fan and audience studies. Naomi’s previous work has focused primarily on interaction; between individuals, communities, disciplines or sectors, and between people and technology and the media they consume.

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