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The Need for Sensemaking in Networked Privacy and Algorithmic Responsibility

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Self-Control in Cyberspace: Applying Dual Systems Theory to a Review of Digital Self-Control Tools

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Data Exfiltration: A Review of External Attack Vectors and Countermeasures

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Step Intervals and Arterial Pressure in PVS Schemes

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Design Research Opportunities in the Internet of Health Things: a review of reviews

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IoT-Enabled Highway Maintenance: Understanding Emerging Cybersecurity Threats

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Poster: Design Considerations for Secure and Usable Authentication on Situated Displays

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A Survey of Potential Security Issues in Existing Wireless Sensor Network Protocols

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The Limits of LoRaWAN in Event-Triggered Wireless Networked Control Systems

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Antilizer: Run Time Self-Healing Security for Wireless Sensor Networks

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