Responding to Attacks and Compromise at the Edge (RACE)


RACE aims to develop methods to enable IoT systems to respond to attacks and to continue to operate even after being partially compromised.

IoT systems evolve dynamically and are increasingly used in critical applications. Understanding how to maintain the operation of the system when systems have been partially compromised is therefore of critical importance. This requires to continuously assess the risk to other parts of the system, determine the impact of the compromise and to select appropriate mitigation strategies to respond to the attack. The ability to cope with dynamic system changes is a key and significant challenge in achieving these objectives.

RACE is articulated into four broad themes of work: understanding attacks and mitigation strategies, maintaining an adequate representation of risk to the other parts of the system by understanding how attacks can evolve and propagate, understanding the impact of the compromise upon the functionality of the system and selecting countermeasure strategies taking into account trade-offs between minimising disruption to the system operation and functionality provided and minimising the risk to the other parts of the system.

Project partners: To be confirmed