Privacy in Connected Autonomous Cars and Smart Transport Systems

P-CARS – Privacy in Connected Autonomous Cars and Smart Transport Systems


The objective of the P-CARS project is to analyse and propose effective solutions for preserving the privacy of users within the context of communications among autonomous and semi-autonomous cars and cloud computing infrastructures, i.e., V2X communications. Early analysis of the most promising existing solutions based on pseudonyms, indicates significant shortcoming of such solutions for the particular application to connected autonomous functions in smart transport systems.

This project will particularly focus on a number of well-known use cases (i.e., autonomous functions): 1) Cooperative vehicle positioning and localisation on HD maps; 2) Cooperative autonomous collision prevention at intersections; 3) Cooperative vehicle speed trajectory generator, integrating dynamic map information and using predictive control techniques; 4) Feature-based cooperative eco-friendly navigation system.

Target Outcomes:

  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of privacy requirements of the identified use cases. This will include identification of the risks and attack surfaces as well as the technical requirements of project use case.
  • Analyse the applicability of pseudonym-based privacy preservation techniques such as to evaluate their suitability for different functions of connected autonomous cars in terms of their effectiveness, performance and scalability.
  • Design and evaluate effective privacy preservation techniques Low-latency and scalable identity management solutions for connected autonomous control.