Modelling for Socio-technical Security (MASS) 


The MASS project explores social and technological security constraints to monitoring, modelling, simulation and emulation for systems at the edge of the internet. MASS should provide a robust understanding of the realistic usefulness of socio-technical security monitoring, analysis, modelling and simulation. Outputs should also highlight current limitations in supporting improved security from analytics and artificial intelligence viewpoints.

Stakeholders need to understand the possibilities available to help improve the security of humans and the technological systems they utilise. The project selects challenging areas for investigation such as the transport, communications and manufacturing sectors.

The project looks at socio-technical security modelling and simulations of Internet of Things (IoT) – connected critical infrastructure systems. It investigates the value of modelling and simulations in practice, especially for security risk analysis and mitigation in IoT-connected systems. The project investigates how modelling and simulation tools can be evaluated and validated. It also looks at how the validation of these tools affects their acceptance for security functions. The project also investigates the potential for artificial intelligence to improve security at the edge of these systems.