Increasing User trust in Mobility-as-a-Service IoT ecoSystem (UMIS)


The UMIS project investigates mechanisms for increasing user trust in Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in an IoT ecosystem for the next-generation transportation-systems.

IoT-enabled MaaS systems bring together multiple transport networks and services into a single cohesive user experience enabling citizens to use multiple modes of transport to find and complete their journeys. For a user to plan a journey, they will need to provide their travel plans (to the MaaS), and to make a journey, they will need to supply payment credentials. At the same time, end-users also need to consume data from the system. Collaborative sharing and linking of safe, useful data between different stakeholders under secure and rights-respecting conditions will be vital for building a trustworthy process and making the service highly trusted. Effective, appropriate, secure and privacy-preserving data usage, sharing, and re-usage requires well-defined data governance roles and processes.

This project will create a data governance framework that is by-design trustworthy and compliant with UK data protection law facilitating legal and ethical data re-usage between the MaaS stakeholders. The project will develop models used to protect privacy of user data especially during data analytics, inferencing and exchange, resulting in a Privacy-preserving and Privacy-enhancing model for data governance for next-generation transportation systems.