Improving the Security of Centralised Transport Infrastructure Efficiency System (ISCTIES)


The ISCTIES project supports a strategic and operational research relationship with the Department for Transport (DfT), with a secondment to support the development of security and business continuity measures for the government’s Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Strategy (TIES) Living Lab programme. The project builds on previous work that contributed to a ‘Living Lab’ programme, set up to implement a key goal in the government’s TIES.

To enable information-sharing between collaborators, security measures must be established. These must be able to support, with appropriate permissions, relevant types, and levels of information access. To achieve robustness, a business continuity strategy with appropriate tactical measures is required.

This strategy requires transport infrastructure supply partners and stakeholder collaboration via the TIES Living Lab, with controlled innovative sharing of information. This information sharing has different levels and types of security marking; e.g. from Commercial-in-Confidence to Official to improve project performance rendering.

Key benefits and outcomes of the project will span social and physical science domains and include:

  • A report on generic security-related concerns arising from public/private collaborative research and development.
  • Capturing expert opinion and advice to feed into design specifications for a secure system of information-sharing.
  • In collaboration with project demonstrator teams, evolve the design of, and a report on, an information workflow model that satisfies stakeholder security requirements.
  • Identify and report on typical classes, types of security threats that might be directed at the TIES Living Lab digital demonstrators and their associated impacts, thereby informing design options that provide mitigation, resilience, and business continuity.
  • Produce a socio-technical risk analysis of TIES Lab systems including drivers for mitigation, resilience, and business continuity.

This project deploys Dr Uchenna Ani, a Senior Research Fellow into the Department to lead in the development of security and business continuity measures for the digital demonstrators and assets of the TIES Living Lab. This project builds core research capability to feed into the Modelling for Socio-Technical Security (MASS) PETRAS Catalyser project.