House Training the Internet of Things (HTIoT)

HTIoT House Training the Internet of Things


This project we consider acceptability and adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) products in home setting particularly in relation to the growing array of domestic appliance games and toys. The project will create a series of speculative designs of plausible future products and services that explore aspects of privacy, security, and trust within the domestic context. These designs will act as provocations for a series of workshops which will be used do develop an understanding of how such issues may affect acceptability and adoption and identify design

Target Outcomes:

  • Artefacts: A series of speculative design/design fiction artifacts that can be used as stand alone considerations of future Internet of Things products and services.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: A series of workshops involving various stakeholders to produce an understanding of how perceptions of security privacy and trust will affect the acceptability of Internet of Things products and services in a domestic context. .
  • New Understanding and Guidelines: Recommendations for the design of Internet of Things devices that negate negative perceptions that would affect acceptability and adoption.