Experimental IoT: Explorations in Sound Art and Technology (EXIoT)


EXIoT explores the ‘technical’, security and social issues surrounding the Internet of Things throughout the music production cycle, from composition to performance.

We are yet to fully understand:

  • the ways in which systems might be hacked;
  • the security implications of such systems;
  • the use of hacks and attacks in creative context;
  • the risks involved when using such technology;
  • a socio-technical perspective on performance and recording, data and IP (e.g. how instruments collect data, for reuse in performances and recorded works);
  • trust, risk and disruption – and the implications of these issues in ‘experimental’ music contexts for design.

By experimenting with existing tools, developing our own tools, bringing people together in workshops and exploring our ideas with stakeholders and co-production partners we can start to see what opportunities exist in this space.

We will:

  • Create a summary of socio-technical issues in the music production lifecycle, with case studies and/or speculative designs;
  • Facilitate meetings and workshops to encourage a network to discuss and build new collaborations;
  • Create software/artifacts/recordings so people can see the way that autonomous IoT systems are created and to provoke a response from a multidisciplinary perspective;
  • Record and share performances/releases for impact upon the PETRAS community and the public.
  • Take a Human-Centred approach to the research, which will be multi-disciplinary and take account of more innovative & experimental approaches to carrying out IoT & AI-based research.