Cyberphysical Social Machines (CP-SOCIAM)


CP-SOCIAM investigates emerging types of trustworthy social interactions made possible by (cyberphysical) IoT devices. The project considers the design of institutions and infrastructures that support and foster warranted trust in these interactions.

CP-SOCIAM explores what might enable communities to flourish and build public value, and what might cause them to fail. This involves research within both the context of health-related cyber-physical devices and applications, along with related policy, standards, and institutional support for data sharing.

The project uses a combination of user experimentation with monitoring data from IoT devices to study the emergence of ‘cyberphysical social machines’.  The initial focus centres on health (and other domains as required), by looking at how IoT devices are redefining health and wellbeing. For instance, in the context of social machines such as PatientsLikeMe, how they are helping redefine healthcare methodologies and promote health and wellbeing, by considering the collection and dissemination of participant wisdom about managing health conditions.