Building Evidence base for CoP Legislation (BECL)


The BECL project supports the upcoming effort to legislate the Code of Practice for Consumer IoT devices (CoP) which will ramp up towards the end of 2021. The report calls for insights into the extent of the CoP standard’s global uptake.

The project is undertaking a systematic data mining exercise to search for every direct and indirect instance of the standard’s uptake. This will lead to greater understanding of the global and regional impact of the internationalisation of standards. Direct uptake captures instances of private or public institutions directly using the CoP, for example, a pledge by UK Digital TV.
Indirect uptake captures instances where regulation based on or aligned to the UK CoP, such as the EU’s ETSI EN 303 645, is adopted by users.

A simple Google search of CoP uptake returns a large amount of (2,760,000) results with substantial noise that is difficult to analyse manually, and a search in Web of Science returns very few results. Thus, a ‘smart’ text- mining tool that extracts useful data from the noise is needed to provide a methodologically rigorous understanding of global uptake and its implications.