Authentication and Access Control with Multiple IoT Devices (AACIoT)

AACIoT – Authentication & Access Control through Multiple IoT Devices


Authentication and Access Control for Internet of Things (IoT) systems presents a significant challenge.  The threat landscape is vast, and the heterogeneity and ad-hoc nature of agents, be they software, hardware or human, entering and leaving the system gives rise to complexity.  Given that the IoT will feature large numbers of cheap and compact IoT devices, and that rigorous authentication requires computation and storage (for example of certificates) new approaches will be required to ensure resilience of the systems. We will build upon existing areas of investigation that in isolation have so far proved inadequate to address the issue sufficiently.  These include, but are not limited to, authentication, anomaly detection, trust and reputation. The project will involve primary and secondary research and include state of the art reviews, conducting workshops and utilizing techniques such as the Delphi method.

Target Outcomes:

  • Analysis of the authentication requirements of emerging IoT systems
  • Analysis of real-time trust management frameworks and protocols
  • Analysis of anomaly detections systems for the IoT
  • Development of methods for trustworthy access control