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Prof. Julie McCann

Co-I Logistics 4.0: Securing High Value Goods using Self-Protecting Edge Compute (LOG40)

Professor Julie McCann heads up the Adaptive Emergent Systems Engineering (AESE) group in the Department of Computing at Imperial College where she leads a highly multi-disciplinary group of Post Docs and PhD students. From this she leads the Resilient and Robust Infrastructure challenge part of the Data Centric Engineering theme in the Alan Turing Institute. She is PI for the NRF funded Singapore Smart Sensing project, and the Logistics 4.0 project with PETRAS and the Tate Modern. She is Imperial PI for the EPSRC Science of Sensing Systems Software (S4) programme grant, and Co-Director of the Digital Oceans project with the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. Until recently she was Co-director of the Intel Collaborative Research Institute on Sustainable Connected Cities and Co-PI of the NEC Smart Water Lab.  She is currently Director of the cross-Imperial Smart Connected Futures Network.

Professor McCann has been mainly researching and publishing work that centres on highly decentralised algorithms, protocols, cross-layered solutions to wireless sensor networks – with a particular focus on low-powered sensing devices. Space, Agri and Infrastructure Engineering challenges lead to her work on the Internet of Things as well as Cyber-physical systems, where her interests lie in harnessing the various interactions between the cyber and physical to improve performance, resilience and make secure.

Areas of Interest: Bio-inspired computing, smart farming, smart cities, industry 4.0, critical infrastructures.

Affiliations: Imperial College, Department of Computing.

Twitter: @JAMGMcC