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Prof. Emil Lupu

Co-I Responding to Attacks and Compromise at the Edge (RACE) 

Emil Lupu is Professor of Computer Systems in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London where he leads the Resilient Information Systems Security Group ( His research interests focus on the cyber security and resilience of IoT systems including their physical, digital and human characteristics and their ability to continue operating even when they have been partially compromised. His current work includes techniques for measuring the integrity of a system from within itself, scalable risk analysis and inference with dynamic evidence, cyber-resilience, retrofitting security to legacy systems, adversarial machine learning and the security of cyber physical systems. He has previously led research on policy-based systems management and access control focussed on the development of techniques that reconfigure systems in response to failures, performance degradations or new requirements and addressed all aspects of the policy life-cycle: specification, deployment, enforcement, formal analysis, and refinement.

Areas of Interest 

Cyber Resilience Models for IoT Systems; Adversarial Machine Learning; AI for Security; Security of Medical Devices; Deception; Moving Target Defence; Intersection of Security and Safety; Human-AI Collaboration; Security of Infrastructures 

Twitter: @LupuEmilC