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Dr Oktay Cetinkaya

Senior Research Associate


Oktay Cetinkaya is a PETRAS Synthesis Senior Research Associate based at the University of Oxford, with the primary role of “synthesising” the diverse elements of the PETRAS research base to increase the generality and applicability of the findings across 22 institutions.

Oktay received his BEng degrees (H. Hons) with a double major in Electrical Engineering & Electronics and Communication Engineering from Yildiz Technical University, Turkey, in 2013 and 2014, respectively. He then started pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Koç University, Turkey, and was awarded in early 2018. After his PhD, he first worked as a Research Fellow in Networked Embedded Systems at the University of Southampton, then as a Research Associate in Wireless Network Performance at The University of Sheffield for two years each. During these appointments, he wrote funding proposals, co-led research projects, supervised junior staff, and gave several talks, in addition to his research duties/outputs.

His research interests include energy harvesting-aided wireless-powered communications for the Internet of Things, on which he has published more than 25 scientific papers in highly-respected journals, conference proceedings, and book series.