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Dr Michele Sevegnani

Co-I Multi-Perspective Design of IoT Cybersecurity in Ground and Aerial Vehicles

Michele Sevegnani is Lecturer in Computing Science and a leading researcher in bigraph theory and its applications in real end-user systems. He leads the research programme “Formal methods for Internet of Things (IoT) device management platforms”, with the Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology and was visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, modelling autonomous swarm systems. He developed BigraphER, a suite of open-source tools for rewriting, simulation and visual display of bigraphs. Together with Prof Muffy Calder, Sevegnani pioneered modelling approaches for decision support for event-based condition monitoring and design perspectives in sensor-based, ubiquitous systems with Computational, Physical, Human and Technology perspectives.

Areas of Expertise:  Formal modelling and verification, runtime verification, multi-perspective modelling, bigraphs, reliability, cybersecurity

Areas of Interest:  Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Human-Autonomy Teaming, Autonomous vehicles

Affiliations: University of Glasgow

Twitter: @michele_seve