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Dr Gideon Ogunniye

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Gideon Ogunniye is a Senior Research Fellow at PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP), UCL, specialising in AI ethics, privacy and cybersecurity. Prior to joining PETRAS, he was a Research Associate on CONTEXT project which is part of the projects of the REPHRAIN research centre. The project focuses on understanding the role of contexts in managing privacy online. He also worked as a Research Associate on ReEnTrust project.  The project explores new technological opportunities for platforms to regain user trust and aims to identify how this may be achieved in ways that are user-driven and responsible. The focus is on AI algorithms and large scale platforms used by the general public.  He has worked on a variety of issues relating to the following themes: knowledge representation and reasoning, argumentation theories, argumentation-based agent dialogues, trust computing and reputation mechanisms, explainable and responsible AI, agent communication and language semantics, AI ethics, machine reasoning, and human-computer interaction. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computing Science from the University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, U.K., in 2019,  which was about modelling trust and trust dialogues using augmentation theories.