Funding Call

PETRAS Opportunities Fund Call

Internal call for proposals


The PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity invites proposals from its existing academic partner universities (including those brought in by SRF and Demonstrator awards, see here for list of our academic partners) for:

(i) collaborative short-term partnership and engagement activities, and

(ii) under special circumstances (see section on Examples of eligible activities for further details [pdf] for further details), medium-term collaborative research projects, in the cybersecurity of devices and networks at the edge of the internet research to be undertaken jointly with user partners.

Through this call, PETRAS aims to provide a more spontaneous way of engaging with user partners, when opportunities arise for secondments, joint short/medium-term research collaborations and projects, international collaborations etc.


The EPSRC SDTaP Call required that part of the PETRAS core funding should be held in a designated account to support the Centre’s academic members to undertake collaborative projects, partnership, impact, and engagement activities, which would stimulate and strengthen PETRAS’s engagement with industry (particularly SMEs), and government, and responding to user-inspired challenges.

Hence, PETRAS is utilising a proportion of its core funding to establish this rolling internal call and provide a platform to fund short and medium-term opportunities (in responsive mode) to enable its existing academic partners engage in such joint projects and partnership engagement activities when they arise.

PETRAS embodies a socio-technical approach to cross-cutting challenges and particularly welcomes proposals that take a cross-disciplinary viewpoint. However, all proposals within the remit of the Centre will be considered.

Proposals must be co-created with the User Partner(s) and/or international non-PETRAS academic collaborators and be convincing in the depth of the partner commitment.

Activities must be led by a PI from one of the existing PETRAS academic partner universities who is eligible to hold an EPSRC grant. PIs do not need to have previously received PETRAS funding to be eligible to apply.

Application Information

All applications to be completed electronically via the following submission system by the call deadline (1st August 2022):

PETRAS Opportunities Fund Guidelines [pdf]

PETRAS Opportunities Fund Call FAQ Document [pdf]

PETRAS Opportunities Fund application form questions (not editable)[pdf]

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